Waverley Mills Recycled;Scarf Recycled Striped Scarf Teal/Dusty Rose

Recycled Striped Scarf Teal/Dusty Rose

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This versatile striped scarf is made from our dyed and undyed recycled fibre woven in a range of colour combinations. The recycled fibre is made up of predominantly merino wool shearing waste, unused wool fibre, and factory off-cuts shredded, blended together and spun to make our recycled yarn. The colour specks in the yarn are a feature of the recycled materials used. Each batch of spun yarn is a unique result of the offcuts available for recycling. Variations in colour and slub yarn are a natural part of this recycled product. After the scarf is woven, we brush the fibre to give it an even softer feel next to the skin. This item is cold water hand washable. All of our products are proudly made in Tasmania, Australia.