Fibres Explained


Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca. The fibre has a smoother scale surface to wool. Of the two different types of alpaca fleece – Suri and Huacaya – our products use Huacaya which is soft, durable, luxurious and silky, has no lanolin and is naturally water repellent.


Merino wool comes from the fleece of the Merino Sheep. The fibre is natural, sustainable, durable and renewable. Fibre diameter is measured in microns which are determinants of quality and use. It’s breathable, naturally antibacterial, flame resistant, lightweight and soft.

(NOTE: includes 18.6 to 22.5 micron. Above 22.6 is classed as broad or strong wool)

Merino Superfine

Superfine Merino Wool is wool with a fibre diameter measuring between 15.6 and 18.5 micron. It has the amazing range of natural qualities as all merino wool but is also highly sought after by the world’s leading fashion houses for its softness, fineness and versatility.


Made from a blend of wool and other natural fibre wastes combined with a carrier fibre. Recycled fibre reduces our impact on the planet and minimises waste to landfill. Note: Our new formulation allows us to create a finer, lighter recycled yarn with a softer more luxurious feel.

Cotton + wool 

By blending cotton and wool we emphasise the best qualities of both natural fibres.  The breathability, softness, and resilience of wool combined with the strength of cotton.