Waverley Mills is committed to the environment and to the communities in which we operate. We ensure responsible corporate behaviour at every stage of production: from where we source our wool and energy consumption to design, our finished products, and distribution.

We achieve sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes through our dedication to the following.

The Environment: For over 140 years, Waverley Mills has used natural fibres which are biodegradable, recyclable, and a natural resource. We minimise waste and produce a range of luxurious, quality recycled wool blankets and throws made from our own unused yarn and second-hand blankets.

For 50 years, Waverley Mills was powered by hydro-electricity from nearby Distillery Creek. We are working to reinstate hydro power and to add solar power to the mill’s operations.

The Community: We treat our suppliers like our partners. We treat them like we would like to be treated. If we grow, they grow. We use all Australian based companies and services. All our natural fibres are sourced from local suppliers in Tasmania and have been for over 100 years. We give back to those in need and have partnered throughout our long history with charities like St Vincent de Paul and Mary’s House in Sydney (a refuge supporting women and children who need help due to domestic violence). We seek new ways for community involvement, for instance, by donating superfine wool throws to fundraising activities in schools within our region.

The Economy: To grow locally, we know we need to support locally. We buy locally, employ locally and have always, and will always, pay a fair market price for the natural fibres we use. Our quality products are made to last a lifetime.