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Merino Wool Charcoal Knee Rug

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100% Merino wool knee blanket with natural whipstitch edge

Size approx: 240cm x 110cm

Made from highly sustainable Australian wool fibre. This beautifully crafted supersoft wool knee rug is woven from 100% Australian, all-natural, renewable fibre. Blankets are finished with a natural coloured whipstitch on all 4 edges.

The sheep who supplied this magical fibre are part of the natural carbon cycle, consuming the organic carbon stored in plants and converting it to wool. Half of the weight of wool is pure organic carbon.

This knee blanket has been designed and manufactured in our iconic Tasmanian mill to be used and enjoyed for a very long time. Use it, love it, enjoy it, pass it on. As well as its amazing thermoregulation and moisture wicking properties it has natural stain resistant qualities so care for it by airing regularly, blot spills immediately and spot clean where necessary. Remember, less cleaning means a lower impact on the environment. Wool is a recyclable fibre. Any offcuts produced during the manufacture of this blanket are recycled on our premises to be used in our own recycled range of products. Finally, at the end of this blankets long long lifespan the wool will biodegrade readily.