Tonal Recycled Throw - Navy

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70% Super Soft Merino wool / 30% Recycled fibre

150 x 200 cm

The Tonal throw designed by bernabeifreeman is our recycled fibre dyed, combined with 100% Merino to create a rich two-toned throw. Made from a blend of supersoft Tasmanian wool and natural fibres. The natural unused fibre, offcuts and seconds blankets from our factory floor are shredded spun and blended with our softest wool to make our recycled yarn. This yarn is then woven in its natural state.

The colour specks in the yarn are a feature of the recycled materials used. Each batch of spun yarn is a unique result of the offcuts available for recycling. The stunning colour blocks are all in 100% supersoft wool. After the throw is woven we brush the fibre to give it an even softer feel next to the skin. This throw is Machine Washable.

All of our products are proudly made in Tasmania, Australia and come with Waverley Mills lifetime warranty.

Cool machine wash. Line dry.