WM 60Day Campaign Range Upcycled;Blanket Upcycled Adventure Blanket Teal with Teal Whipstitch King Single

Upcycled Adventure Blanket Teal with Teal Whipstitch King Single

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Size: 182cm x 244cm

This new upcycled blanket is the perfect companion for the adventurous traveller. Lightly brushed and soft to touch it can be used at home or when camping. Each blanket has been finished with a whipstitch on all 4 sides. Our Upcycled range of blankets and throws are made from a variety of recycled or reclaimed wool, cotton and manmade fibre. Due to the nature of the reclaiming process, all products take on a slightly varied mix depending on the colour variation. Turning landfill into luxury, a recent drop in global demand for high fashion couture has seen an excess supply of quality yarns. Aligned with the mill’s core principles of creating sustainable products, Waverley Mills has salvaged over 60 tonnes (60,000 kgs!) of mixed yarn that would have ended up in landfill and turned it into something magical.

Composition: 50% reclaimed wool / 50% reclaimed Man Made Fibre.

This product is not fire retardant. Do not place near open flames.

Proudly made in Tasmania, Australia.

Dry clean with care or cool hand wash. Line dry out of direct sunlight.