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5 Ways Wool Helps You Sleep

Wool is something of a super fibre. In addition to being environmentally friendly, durable, wrinkle resistant & fire resistant, it also helps you sleep better!

Studies have found that sleeping on, in or under wool keeps you in the “thermal comfort zone” and leads to deeper, longer, more restful sleep.

Merino wool in particular boasts some spectacular properties that make it a prized fibre for bedding.

How Wool Helps You Sleep

  1. It naturally wicks moisture away. The average person perspires around 1 litre of fluid each night, which synthetic fabrics are unable to absorb. Merino wool, by contrast, can absorb up to one-third of its own dry weight and releases this moisture back into the air.
  2. It regulates body temperature. Merino wool is one of the rare fibres that works in all temperatures. During cooler months, it keeps you warm by insulating your body heat. And when the temperature rises, Merino wool keeps you cool and dry thanks to its breathability and sweat-wicking abilities.
  3. It’s hypoallergenic. Merino wool’s moisture-wicking quality destroys the breeding ground for allergy-causing bacteria and moulds. Allergy Standards Limited has recognized Merino wool as allergy and asthma friendly.
  4. It’s odour resistant. The natural lanolin found in Merino sheep’s wool repels nasty odour-causing bacteria.
  5. It’s super soft. Merino sheep have more hair follicles per square inch of skin compared to other sheep, making Merino fleece fine and soft to the touch.

BONUS: Babies love sleeping in wool! Newborns, especially underweight newborns, expend a great deal of energy trying to stay warm. Wool helps these babies maintain the energy reserves they need to grow and stay healthy.

Who knew? Wool bedding is not only classic and beautiful but also ideal for helping you get a restful night’s sleep.

More on the Wonders of Wool

As the last remaining fully operational woollen mill in Australia, Waverley Mills has a long-standing love affair with wool. We could wax poetic about this fibre all day!

And we will. Here are a few more reasons to love wool:

Wool Is Eco-Friendly in So Many Ways

  • Natural – Wool is a protein fibre primarily made up of keratin (the same protein as your hair). It’s formed in the skin of sheep, meaning it’s a 100% natural fibre choice.
  • Biodegradable – Wool breaks down over time in soil or water, releasing nutrients back into the ecosystem.
  • Renewable – Each year, sheep grow a new fleece. All they need is a steady diet of grass and water.

A woman with a stack of pure merino wool blankets.

Wool Is Durable and Wrinkle Resistant

Wool fibres are incredibly flexible and can bend up to 20,000 times before breaking. Wool resists tearing and has unmatched durability and resilience compared to other fibres. Its ability to keep its natural shape also makes wool resistant to wrinkles.

Wool Is Fire Resistant

Wool is a naturally fire-resistant material thanks to its high nitrogen and water content. For years, firefighters have worn wool underlayers to protect them on the job, and wool blankets are commonly used to smother flames in emergency situations. Wool doesn’t melt or stick to the skin when it burns.

Wool is a fantastic choice for the eco-conscious consumer who also values the finer things in life. At Waverley Mills, we offer a range of luxury throws, blankets, picnic rugs, wearables and more in a variety of beautiful colours and textures to suit any wool lover’s tastes.

Shop our merino wool blankets

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