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Do microns matter?

Here’s our bite-sized explanation of microns. It’s interesting – we promise! In fact, it might just help you next time you’re making a purchase, to differentiate the good from the bad in woollen goods. Understanding microns empowers you to make an informed decision when purchasing products made from natural fibres such as Merino, Cashmere, Mohair and Alpaca.

At Waverley, we think it’s important that our customers are aware of the micron quality of the fibres that go into our products. So we have put together some useful information on just what microns are, their relation to grading, and why they matter!!

What are microns?

Micrometres or microns are a measurement of the mean fibre diameter, or the average diameter of wool fibres in a sale lot.

Why is fibre diameter important?

The thickness of individual fibres is an indication of the comfort quality of the material. As a general rule, lower micron measurements mean softer woven fabrics, higher comfort levels, and therefore better quality.

Micron quality and fibre types

Each type of fibre will have a different grading system and micron range associated with it. Displayed below are four of the main fibre types used in Waverley Mills products; the tables show the grading system and micron range for each fibre.



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