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Sleep better with wool

Read on to learn more about how wool can help improve your sleep.

At Waverley Mills we have a long history of working with wool. As one of the last remaining woollen mills in Australia, we take pride in knowing that our incredible team are continuing a tradition of supplying luxury wool blankets that ensure you get the best night’s sleep. 

Environmentally friendly, durable, and fire resistant, wool also helps you sleep better. Studies have found that sleeping on, or under wool keeps you in the ‘thermal comfort zone’ and leads to deeper, longer, more restful sleep. Read on to learn more about why wool is the best choice for your bedding. 

Wool naturally wicks moisture away.  

Wool can absorb up to a third of its weight without feeling damp or wet. Using this quality wool can draw perspiration away from the body and release it back into the air. This additional moisture in the wool also causes it to warm up, keeping you cosy and warm through long winter nights. 

Wool regulates body temperature. 

As a natural fibre wool works with your body helping to regulate your temperature. Unlike man-made fibres that can trap heat, the breathable nature of wool fabric allows for better airflow. Combined with its ability to wick away moisture, you can be sure you’ll remain at a comfortable temperature in most weather conditions. 

Wool is hypoallergenic. 

Allergy Standards Limited has recognised high quality merino wool as allergy and asthma friendly. It’s breathability and moisture wicking properties reduce chance for allergy-causing bacteria and moulds from breeding, helping you to sleep and breathe easier. 

Wool is odour resistant. 

As a breathable natural fibre, wool reduces the chances of odours from clinging to your bedding. Wool often doesn’t need to be washed regularly, and benefits most from a gentle airing which will help keep your blankets and throws fresh, without the extra arm exercise or visit to the dry-cleaner. 

Merino wool is super soft. 

We use luxuriously soft merino wool for our blankets, to ensure that your sleep is as comfortable as can be. Merino wool is known for its softness and is less likely to cause the prickle sensation that many associate with coarser wools.  

Wool is environmentally friendly. 

As a 100% natural fibre, wool is biodegradable and renewable. Every year sheep grow a new fleece on a steady diet of grass and water, ready to be shorn and transformed into luxurious blankets that will last a lifetime. And if you ever don’t need them anymore- or you’ve used them until they are threadbare- they can be returned to the earth through composting, as wool breaks down over time in soil and water, returning nutrients back into the ecosystem. 

Wool is durable. 

With unrivalled flexibility, wool rivals cotton and linen bedding for its durability. Even the softest of fibres can resist tearing and breaking, with wool blankets becoming softer with use. Unlike linen, wool can be folded without causing damage to the fibres, allowing it to keep its natural shape without extreme wrinkles. Wool easily relaxes with a touch of steam, for a beautiful clean finish. 

Wool is fire resistant. 

Thanks to a high nitrogen and water content wool is fire resistant. Unlike acrylic or polyester fibres, wool doesn’t melt or stick when it burns, and unlike cotton it is self-extinguishing.  

Have you been convinced to give wool a try? Whether you are focused on style, practicality or environmental responsibility, we offer a range of luxurious blankets in a selection of beautiful colours and textures to suit your interior style.  


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Close up of charcoal satin bound merino wool blanket.
A vintage style bed dressed in a charcoal wellington blanket.
A vintage style bed dressed in a charcoal wellington blanket.
A vintage style bed dressed in a charcoal wellington blanket.
A vintage style bed dressed in a charcoal wellington blanket.
A bed tucked in an alcove dressed with a Wellington blanket in natural and alpaca throw.