Why Australian Made?

Tasmania is home to Australia’s finest artisans and Waverley Mills is a world leader in quality wool textile craftsmanship.

Our blankets, throws and scarves are not just assembled on a factory line. Over 100 years of knowledge and skill are poured into every one of our iconic products, and we constantly innovate to stay at the forefront of sustainable and ethical production practices. Our products go through many hands before they are packaged up for sale. We stand behind our quality!

Australia produces the best wool in the world. And Waverley Mills takes the finest wool and people to make the best throws, blankets, rugs and scarves. At a time when artisanal production is hard to guarantee, and commodities are outsourced to other countries, Waverley Mills maintains the traditions and quality assurance that once was synonymous with Australian wool products.

True luxury starts with authenticity, and that is Waverley Mills. Situated on the idyllic banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston. Crafted in Tasmania and proudly Australian owned.