Four Seasons in One Day?

Enjoy a cosy layer of luxury with an all-seasons blanket. 

Discover our all-seasons, Tasmanian made, 100% merino woollen blankets. Made from highly sustainable and durable Australian wool fibre, these beautifully crafted blankets are perfect for keeping you cosy for years to come. Inspired by modern Australian living, our all-seasons blankets are designed for varying climates using soft to touch, merino wool. Explore the collection and some of the benefits of 100% merino wool. 


Our 100% merino woollen blankets are 320 GSM. Classified as a mid-weight, these blankets are a comfortable option for use from dusk till dawn. Enjoy your blanket as a couch companion for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or layer as the final step in your bedding for a luxurious sleep experience. The Waverley woollen blankets are your go-to when you want to feel a little extra cosy!

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Wool is a brilliant fibre for keeping your body's temperature just right which is why it's so great for sleeping. Wool's natural wicking ability (the ability to draw moisture away from the skin) regulates your body temperature. This ability reduces the risk of overheating, and aids in creating a microclimate while you sleep. In a study at the University of Sydney, wool was found to reduce irregular sleep patterns and shorten the time needed to fall asleep. 


Wool is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fibre. Due to its high reuse rate, and its ability to decompose in soil in just a few years, you can rest assured knowing you are supporting a product with an environmentally friendly life cycle. Wool's durability and long-lasting qualities also ensure our blankets stand the test of time, keeping you warm for years to come. 

When you want to feel a little extra cosy, a Waverley woollen blanket will do the trick!

A piece of Australian heritage for your home.

Made in Launceston, Tasmania since 1874, our products feature unparalleled craftsmanship combined with the unique Waverley touch. We start the process from the bale up by sourcing the highest quality wool fibres from Australian sheep farmers, then after the wool is washed and scoured it's ready to be made into yarn. We are proud to be the only vertical Australian wool mill that spins yarn and produces wool products from start to finish.

News from the mill

Did you know we are redeveloping our mill at the moment? Our carding facility is currently being renovated, so we've asked our New Zealand friends to spin our Australian wool. The origin of the Merino lambs wool used in these blankets is Southwest Victoria. 

We're committed to providing you with transparency and telling the complete story of wool, from pasture to product. Watch this space for updates! We have some exciting plans.

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