Finding the perfect location for our new Recycled blankets

Following the launch of our new recycled brand, the team at Waverley Mills wanted a location that would represent the Tasmania traditions of our brand.

Situated on the rugged eastern coast of Tasmania, Thalia Haven provided us with the perfect location for the photoshoot of our new product range: Waverley Mills Recycled

Reflecting the landscapes in which our recycled products originated, the wild coastline inspired the versatility of our blankets - from adventuring the unknown to home-styling, and everything in-between. 

To capture our new product, local photographer Nina Hamilton joined the Waverley Mills Recycled Team on shoot to bring a raw authenticity to the final images.   

The super soft and luxurious range of Australian made recycled blankets are created from woollen offcuts, blanket ends and other unused fibres that pass through the mill. This allows us to close the loop with our own waste, and use other waste stream such as post use denim, towels and other textiles through innovation.

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