Francis Violet collaboration with Waverley Mills

Francis Violet are a graduate duo consisting of Zoe Emerson and Kenya Armstrong, who have recently put together a collection ‘Days of Gold’. The collection utilises deadstock and up-cycled heirloom pieces.

“Days of Gold celebrates the beauty and imperfection of found fabric and the memories that these items evoke. This is married with a reconnaissance into our own family heritage, in order to create future heirloom garments that we would pass on.” - Zoe and Kenya

Waverley Mills are supporting the graduate design duo to create their range of outerwear, as the mill captures their values of local sourcing and functional tailoring.

“We believe that we must look to past values of slower production, the cherishing of garments and mending, in order to move forward as an industry.” - Zoe and Kenya

The collection features three outerwear garments made from 100% Australian merino and alpaca wool, utilising the textiles from Waverley Mills. 

Currently the pieces in this collection are not available for purchase - but may be soon. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates on when the collection becomes available.