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The world’s first blanket made with recycled Nudie Jeans.

In 2019, Waverley Mills met with the CEO of Nudie Jeans Australia, Bryce Alton at the Legacy Summit in Sydney. The summit is a sustainabilty forum where producers, industry partners, and consumers can all meet under one roof. 

Waverley Mills had the technology to be able to shred post-consumer Nudie Jeans, blend it with locally produced recycled wool to create a new product. 

What was left to do but try?

 "This was a huge opportunity for us to use jeans that have been handed in from consumers that couldn’t be repaired or adapted to the Nudie Jeans Re-use program. Also, a perfect occasion to see if we could collaborate with a local manufacture to create a closed textile loop in Australia." — Bryce Alton 

The result is the beautiful Waverley Mills Recycled x Nudie Jeans throw. 

The throw is made of post-consumer jeans and recycled Australian wool. Virgin polyester has been added to increase the durability of the yarn. The colour of the throw comes from the jeans!

There are 2 extra steps added to our usual recycled wool manufacturing process to incorporate the denim:

Step 1: Dis-assembling the jeans prior to ragging. Removing the zippers, studs etc. 

Step 2: Ragging the jeans to create fibre to mix with our other recycled wool.


Pictured:  Post-consumer Nudie Jeans entering the Waverley Mills ragging machine in Launceston Tasmania

The rest of the recycled process is then the same. 

There are a limited amount of throws available.


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $149.00 AUD away from free shipping.
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