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Why Wool is best

Let’s be honest. Not all wools are created equal. There’s the wool that makes you feel cosy and loved; it’s soft and warm and looks stylish. You want to curl up in it. You want to snuggle under it. You trust it, and it looks after you.

Then there is wool that is scratchy and hard, yet somehow manages to feel greasy at the same time. Your skin itches as it touches it. It’s prickly. It balls. The weave loosens quickly. It doesn’t last.

That’s not wool that has been respected.

Worse still than second-class wool are man-made fibres that pretend to be wool. These fibres lose shape, they don’t breathe, they feel … they feel wrong. Just the thought of how that man-made fibre has come to being sets off environmental alarm bells.

If you need to be reminded, this is why quality wool is best:

It’s natural, letting your skin breathe.
It’s soft and gentle against your skin.
It’s durable and long-lasting.
It regulates temperature, keeping you warmer when you are cool, and cooler when you are hot.
It keeps its shape.
It is odour-resistant. 
It’s biodegradable.
Designers love it because it’s stylish, luxurious and easy to tailor.
The incidence of allergies to wool are rare.
It comes from Tasmania.
Research is showing that sleep improves when beds are made with wool blankets and underlays.


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $149.00 AUD away from free shipping.
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