Contract Manufacturing

Our Capabilities


With our leading experts in weaving, dying and textile engineering, we will be your dedicated design partner. Our experienced team will ensure your project is crafted with excellence, creating unique pieces and design concepts that are tailored to your specifications.


We are experienced in sourcing the right natural fibres to make the highest quality textile products. We meticulously select the best materials to ensure superior softness, durability and long-lasting design.


We take raw fibre and spin it into luxurious yarn right here on site. That means we can provide complete traceability from pasture to finished product.


Our dye masters are expert at colour matching with precision and accuracy. By using the Pantone system, we can work with you to achieve your colour requirements. 


Our weaving looms are capable of producing intricate and precise woven designs with the highest quality results. Our looms can produce a variety of patterns, from simple stripes to complex plaids. We convert your designs into a machine-readable format, allowing us to accurately recreate your designs.


Our textiles go through a number of processes before they are ready for use. After a fabric has been woven, it is milled to consolidate the fabric structure. We then use our raising machine to raise the fabric pile to make it softer and more lustrous. Once the fabric goes through these processes it is ready to be cut and finished. To ensure the best possible quality, we then inspect each item carefully before it is shipped to you.